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June 11, 2010
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"You're sending me out on another mission? For crying out loud, I just got back from my last one!" Carson moaned, his injured leg cramping up again at the thought of more running.

"Relax, kid, this one won't be as rough... for you, anyhow," Sgt. Mason replied, eyes glued to the screen, keeping a watchful tab on the other operatives in the field at the moment. "The mission this time is going to have you disguised as a mobster. You need to kill the mob boss and get out before his buddies find you. Or, you can fight them and kill them, too. Chances are, when you kill the big guy, they'll just re-elect another kid for the position anyhow."

"...Got it," Carson said, relieved that the mission was so easy. Mobsters loved using guns and knives, and guns and knives were Carson's pure specialty weapons. It wouldn't be any hassle.

"Oh yeah, and the weapon you've gotta' use is this baby," Mason continued, gesturing with his head over to a shotgun laying on the table.

Carson looked the gun over. It was one of those new installations - a military-grade, automatic-reloading, double-barrel shotgun, with a clip that held twelve shells, and an extension clip that held ten surplus shells in the event that one ran out of ammo. Accuracy and spread range were a well-tuned and deadly combination on this gun, the spread reaching about twenty feet of effectiveness, and the accuracy measured down to the tiniest detail. And it was silenced - something that Carson had always found hard to accomplish on shotguns. The perfect cannon of death, with no more noise than a simple breath of smoke from the gun's barrel.

Carson nodded approvingly. Once again, Mason had impressed him with his foresight.
Shotgun Bi-Weekly Prompt for :iconyouasthenarrator:, featuring Carson Milanni, L'assassin Tranquille.

There was also a paper sword prompt, and I was kinda' torn between that and the shotgun, but ultimately, the shotgun grabbed my attention more. I could think of a million different scenarios for it, while only one hundred for the paper sword.

Enjoy my madness.
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Cu-Sith1 Jul 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
nice. I like how you leave the actual assassination to the readers imagination.
You know what I just realized?

If the silencer is that effective on a shotgun, I just revolutionized firearm warfare.


Like, an actual silencer for a shotgun only reduces its noise by like, six decibels, in comparison to the thirty-some-odd that rifles and pistols usually have.

Trufax. O:
RedCell02 Jun 11, 2010
SON of a-!

You not only stole my title idea for your character, but you stole my damn shotgun!

You SUCK, James!
Rovanna Jun 11, 2010   Digital Artist
Wow, you're fast! I would love to know what he does with that shotgun and how the mission goes.
Long story short:

Boss gets head blown open, big chaotic fight ensues, Carson escapes mostly unharmed, but has to dispense three of his four smoke bombs in order to get out alive.
She just submit the prompts, and you've already COMPLETED it?

Holy crap, dude! Even I'm not that quick on the draw!

I just saw it, thought "well, what the heck, people are probably already doing them, might as well get mine done."

Next thing I know, the Narrator faints from my apparent insta-finish.

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! :icondignitylaughplz:
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